Robovember 2018

A simple art project with a goal to create an iteration of a robot every day this month.

Published November 01, 2018 · 3 min read time

I had enough fun with last month’s skull project to keep the practice going and create 30 more additions to the set. I liked how some of the skull/robot versions turned out, so this month it’s going to be “Robovember” with a focus on robot graphics.

November 14—Trying to keep a human perspective at work can be difficult. The most important things about your job are not the projects you work on, but the customers you serve and the people you work with. If you’re a robot, you’re no good to anyone, at least until everyone is replaced by robots.

November 13–Went to the Twenty One Pilots “Bandito Tour” concert in Salt Lake City. Haven’t been to too many concerts lately, I suppose that is an artifact of getting older, and busier in work and family. I do have to say that it was quite a show. It’s amazing what has been done with lights, lasers, and stage sets to contribute to the experience.

November 12—Veteran’s day today reminds me of my grandparents who both served in World War II. I feel blessed that I’ve been able to live in a time where War wasn’t something required of me or my family. There have been wars for sure, and maybe some day my children, or the robots of the future can focus on a peaceful life without wars. I spent the day fishing without any luck - but as they say, a day spent fishing is better than one not spent fishing.

November 11—I like the idea of a robot that listens to music. Music is something very human. We’ve taken sound making in every possible direction. There are robots that are programmed to make music - the real trick will be programming a robot to kick back with headphones and listen to music.

November 10—Cleaned up all kinds of leaves in my yard today. Winter sometimes comes quickly and can leave a mess in the yard. The days have been short and it’s cooling off quite a bit.

November 9—I got a little behind on this project and so today’s robot is just a robot. I’m catching up, and apparently, November 9th was just a another day.

November 8—It’s the eight of November, and any robot conceived on this day should be called “Robocho.”

November 7–Today was election day across the United States. It seems each year the news talks about how everything is at stake, even more than it was the previous year. It also seems that they are right about that.

November 6—I’m not sure that a robot could have, or would even need to have human emotions, but if they did, I think they would probably be sad most of the time.

November 5—There’s really not any reason for robots to have teeth, but if I were going to make a robot, I’d definitely give it sharp teeth.

November 4—Celebrated my wife’s birthday today, but she ended up being sick the whole day. The war robot really has nothing to do with her birthday, or anything that went on that day, but this particular one just looked like something you’d send into battle.

November 3—Spent the day cleaning up leaves in the neighborhood. One of our neighbors brought his backhoe down to help load piles of leaves into a dump trailer. We picked up about 3 trailer fulls of leaves, and hopefully helped out a few people who can’t take care of it on their own.

November 2—Today was rough. Having to go back to work for a full week after spending some time down in Zion National Park earlier in the week made this Friday especially difficult. Robot mode was 100% engaged.

November 1—I was sort of disappointed, perhaps even a little depressed when I finished up the skulls project last month, so I decided to keep this going for at least another month. One of the themes that emerged last month was that the theme of skulls somehow crossed over into robots. I had several robot versions going, and I thought this one was particularly great.

This article was written by John Dilworth. John lives in Ogden, Utah with his wife and two children. He aspires to see and do all that is beautiful. Is currently Sr. Director of User Experience at