Mt. Rainier Summit No. 2

Trip report from summit climb of Mt. Rainier on June 25, 2014

June 24, 2014


In late winter of 2014, I committed to climb Mt. Rainer for the second time - I did so initially with much apprehension because I didn’t feel I was in shape this year, and partially I think because it is just brutally hard. But, climbing mountains is an amazing experience, so how could I not?

Mt. Rainier Mt. Rainier as it appeared when we arrived to the national park on our long road trip from Utah.

Mt. Rainier from Reflection Lake A lenticular cloud was forming over the mountain as we arrived

Hiking up the Muir Snowfield Hiking up the Muir Snowfield to camp Muir.

Camp Muir Our tent site at Camp Muir.

Alpine Start Starting our climb at 1:30, already a train of lights headed toward Cathedral Gap to begin the climb.

Alpine Start Sun below the horizon for the first couple hours of our summit climb.

Taking photos of sunrise Sunrise at 5.00 am. We’re at about 13,000ft on the mountain.

Mt. Adams at sunrise Mt. Adams on the horizon.

Selfie! A selfie at sunrise.

On the way down Rob stopping for a photo on the way down. Several climbers were still on their way up the mountain.

Mt. Saint Helens in the background Nice view of Mt. Saint Helens in the background on the way down. Also a great view of the well marked bootpack up the route.

Climbers coming off the summit At the top of Dissapointment Cleaver looking back up towards the summit. Line of climbers either coming down or still going up.

Looking down on Ingrahm flats Looking down on the Ingrahm Glacier with Ingrahm flats in the distance.

Snow formations on Dissapointment Cleaver Interesting snow formations on Disappointment Cleaver. Rob is massaging a sore t-band with the ice pick.

Looking over the Ingrahm glacier Looking over the Ingrahm glacier coming off Dissapointment Cleaver.

Looking over the Ingrahm glacier Another shot, just at the end of the rock and dirt section of the Disappointment Cleaver.