70 miles on the Susquehanna

River Tripping

May 28, 2018


“For Scintillites with a yen to paddle and portage, the country's longest canoe race is an exciting challenge.”

I received a text message from my brother Jason inviting me to join him on General Clinton’s canoe regatta in New York. And as most bad, but adventurous plans begin for me, I said yes.

I’ve always had an desire to do a canoe race. I remember flipping through Wenonah canoe catalogs around our house looking at the racing boats and paddles and thinking that it would be something fun to do.

Traveling down rivers in a boat is lots of fun. It’s quiet, smooth, and typically full of beautiful scenery. This all sounded good, so why not start my foray into canoe racing at the longest canoe race in the country?



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