Leprechaun & Blarney Canyons

Exploring Blarney and Leprechaun (Utah’s skinny canyons) in North Wash.

September 07, 2018


“Don't be a big ol’ fool. If you're too big, go elsewhere” — from the description on Canyoneering USA website

On my quest to make it through the best slot canyons Utah has to offer, I’ve been told that you can’t miss the canyons in the North Wash area. I was told that Blarney was an excellent canyon for beginners, and the Leprechaun forks were excellent for longer, more intense canyons. It turned out to be a perfect overnight trip to the desert. Picking off a couple new canyons, and enjoying the solitude and uniqueness of the Utah desert.

We took off from work, and took the 3 hour drive from the Salt Lake area to southern Utah. We drove through Capitol Reef National park, checking out the amazing Fish Creek Panel, and working our way towards North Wash with a scenic sunset happening all around us.

By the time we reached North Wash, we were it was a perfect New Moon, clear sky with the Milky Way giving us it’s best view. Alan, a resident of Mexico City recently located to the Salt Lake City area for work told us he’d never seen the Milky Way before. Needless to say, he got about the best viewing I’ve ever seen, and must have been an incredible experience. I know that it is for me every time I get to fall asleep gazing into a perfectly clear star-lit sky.

from above

leprechaun exit

jed in canyon

cathedral section